auralia small“I would like to first say thank you again so much for such an amazing weekend. I came out of it feeling my body come to life.

One amazing thing happened to me that i would like to share with you; the night after the weekend (Sunday night) I went to meet my friend, who i have been seeing casually.

That night we had the most amazing love making I have ever experienced.

I felt my body and heart open up to him and was ready to just let go and enjoy the moment.

Before we started our love making i sat outside on his veranda and meditated for a bit while he was finishing up work. I practiced some of the breathing techniques from the weekend and felt my body opening up as i was doing it. I was feeling a sense of ecstasy running through my body and it felt amazing.

Later as we were building up the sexual pleasure i was feeling really connected to him in a way that i haven’t felt before and it just felt so good. Then, as i was having my orgasm it just kept going and going for about an hour non stop and i felt like i was having an out of body experience. WOW i never felt that before.

I have tears and goose bumps as i am writing this. He was also feeling my orgasms at the same time and when he had his i felt his orgasm go through my body WOW!!! It is hard to explain what it felt like but it was so amazing. We made love for 6 hours that night and fell asleep in each others arms. I believe because of what i learned this weekend, and how my body and heart opened up i was able to just let the sensation of the orgasm run freely through my body instead of trying to control it. THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

I also received love and acceptance. I have been smiling a lot to myself and anyone that passes me by can’t help but smile back at me with so much heart and it is just so contagious.. lol

Many people said i was glowing and i definitely believe them cause i have been feeling like i have been glowing lately. I have been able to look at people in their eyes and open my heart more to people. I feel that i am making such a big step forward in being awakened and i just can’t wait for more. You are right it is all so delicious 🙂

I look forward to more and to this incredible journey.”

~ Auralia

Rachel“It feels like someone turned on all the lights in my house and I’m walking through rooms I didn’t even know were here.”

Before taking the Awaken Weekend workshop I didn’t think I could handle being this exposed in a room full of strangers. I’m definitely the shy type in groups and I wasn’t sure I knew how to let all of my armor down. I don’t even think I knew how tough my armor still was. It’s always been hard for me to feel completely safe in my body, safe with men, safe in general, I guess. I’ve lived a lot of my life waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not fully believing in myself. Not fully opening to or trusting anyone with my whole heart.

All I’ve ever really wanted is to feel the opposite ofthis. Ive wanted to trust, wanted to surrender and feel the depths of an intimate relationship yet with most people Ive hidden my insecurities, hidden my fears, especially from men. So much of me has been hiding in the shadows, feeling the need to protect myself.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced at the Awaken Weekend. It feels like someone turned on all the lights in my house and I’m walking through rooms I didn’t even know were here. Over the weekend I got the chance to do what I so rarely do. I got to let all of me be seen, I got to fully let go in the presence of others. I got to let go of my need to look like I’ve got my “shit” together all the time.

It was so powerful and so healing for me.

I got to hear what others in the group were afraid of and watched as they let go too…it was so incredibly beautiful and sacred to see and be seen this way. it opened my heart to so much compassion for myself and for them.

In one exercise I got to feel all of my resistance spring up in my body. It was pretty scary to feel all of that building up inside me. I allowed myself to feel it so fully it was like I was possessed by it…and then after a while I felt it all slowly slip away. So slowly that I could feel my entire body little by little completely surrendering.

I’ll never forget how that happened and I don’t think ill ever be the same after that experience. Now I know why they call it sweet surrender!

I didn’t know how much I needed this. I had no idea that by being this exposed and sharing this much of myself was the way into feeling safe. I am so inspired to continue to learn more on this path, to give more of myself to others, and to love more freely without holding back.

~ Rachel Shultz, Artist, Mar Vista, CA

Dani-katz-150x150“The beauty of the workshop was such that having seen clearly so many of my blocks and dis-empowering relationship patterns, while now armed with the understanding of their genesis, I then engaged in a series of meditations, exercises and practices that gifted me the experiential imprinting of healthy, conscious relatedness – to my Self and various aspects and expressions of that Self, and to the Divine Masculine.”

~ Dani Katz

“We have been together 22 years and we had the best sex of our lives last night doing the practice you assigned.”

~ Melanie

sarahtestimonialI flew half way across the country to attend one of Charu’s Awaken Weekends with my partner. I am amazed by Charu’s integrity and ability to truly hold a sacred space. Overall I experienced a range of emotions but as time passes by I continually see how that 1 weekend played a BIG role in my own personal transformational journey. Expect to be stretched beyond your comfort zone, in the most wonderful way.

~ Sarah Nicotra {intuitive pathfinder}

“The exercise you shared with us was simple, even childlike and I didn’t know how it was meant to bring us closer, but then something magical happened and I suddenly saw my husband the way he looked to me the very first moment I knew I loved him.”

~ Brenda

“I am so inspired and energized by the Awaken weekend. I felt my energy pick up beginning with the amazing meditation that we did on Sunday morning, and it continued to increase (lighter, brighter, joyous) throughout that day’s practices. On Monday night I went to the gym and ran a mile faster than I normally do! Others have noticed that I am really bright, and even today (Thursday) I still feel opened and alive. If I was to sum up Tantra practice in general, I would say it is a way to open up to being fully alive.

I am also grateful to get to know the community involved in this practice. It was very nourishing to have a safe space to discuss and explore our sexuality (especially for women!). I think Tantra gives you the chance to work in an area that usually remains in shadows, which is why it has the power to let in so much light. ”

~ Nicole, age 31, Los Angeles

“The weekend workshop that followed was much more powerful than I ever thought it to be. I had no idea what we were up for. Charu began the weekend in a sacred purposeful way. My experience was multi-layered, with a real reality check as an understatement. As the exercises began, I discovered how scared I was to be in close relationship with a male partner. During the exercises with my partner I started seeing one wound after another. I noticed our unhealed wounds play out. This felt very uncomfortable, unsafe and overwhelming. My heart & body shut down.

This work showed me how much emotional healing I was in need of, and until I opened to the possibility of having a working/intimate partner I did not see or know this needed to be healed in me. I am deeply grateful to my partner for being such a powerful reflection for me to see what I now see. I also have deep gratitude and appreciation for Charu’s work.

Moving forward to a week later. I now see how I never learned the language of my heart. I also saw how I expected others to know how to speak to me and how to be with the sensitive me even though I did not know how. I saw so many sensitivities connected to my wounds. I was also shocked to see that I have been conditional, seen myself as separate, judgmental and controlling all under a spiritual pretense. My process is still full-on and I welcome it.”

~ Aravel, Energy Healer

MAJE2010“Thank you for the email and checking in. I am doing extremely well after the level one weekend. Today I felt completely energized. I practiced some of the exercises I learned over the weekend. My mental state is positive. I feel strong, loving and inspired.

Thank you to your partner Martin and your assistants. Martin always had a warm smile and words of encouragement. Your assistants were always pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend this experience as a first step to anyone who wants a deeper spiritual, sexual experience.”

~ Maje