Here are some commonly asked questions about this event:

1. {From a woman} Will there be ‘smarmy dudes’ who take my attending alone as an invite to hit on me?

Most ‘smarmy dudes’ are not attracted to my work… I tend to attract people who are ready and willing to be sincere and honest.
It’s also important to note that a “smarmy dude’ is usually a man who is the same as any of us: desiring a connection, love, union and trying to fulfill that desire in a way that is not effective.
I create a space for vulnerability – this is a magical balm that can transform all of us back into our most radiant selves.

So, it may happen at an event that you run into a man who is not yet at his most enlightened. I promise I will support you in discovering and honoring what you need in order to feel safe. Should this happen it can be a great opportunity for you to discover a new strength in yourself and his presence will feel like a great blessing.

Here’s what participating single women say:

“I have been to many of Charu’s events and there are serious seekers with great integrity showing up. I have never been “smarmed”! NEVER.” ~ Dayna Mondello

“I have attended events as a single woman and have never, not for one minute, felt uncomfortable or “smarmed” on. 🙂 It’s not that kind of crowd or vibe. Charu’s intention and integrity are so strong, and the space is so safe, that everything rises to a very clear heart-based energy.” ~ Lauren Brenner

2. Should I be worried about attending alone? Will I be the only one surrounded by couples?

Not at all! Our Awaken Weekend events actually usually have more singles than couples. And the individual registrations are close to 50 / 50 split between women and men. The event is very balanced.

3. We’re a couple – will there be other couples there, or is this an event for singles?

We always have several couples at every Awaken Weekend. You will not be alone.

4. Will we get naked?

Absolutely not. This is a sacred and safe environment. We will be exploring how to wake up to sensation in your body and approaching awakening to your sensuality fully clothed.

5. What kind of exercises are we doing?

The focus of this weekend is to awaken your experience of your own body. To do that we will use breath, movement, sound, guided visualization and communication techniques. Many practices will be solitary. Some practices will be with a partner or in small groups.

6. What if I don’t want to do an exercise?

Although I ask that you stay in the room throughout the duration on the workshop, you are absolutely in charge of your experience. You can choose to participate in any given exercise or ‘sit this one out’ if for any reason it does not feel right to you. I always have a special space in our room for you to retreat to if being on your own feels like the most loving choice in any given moment. Having said that, people LOVE the practices and are happy to participate!

I am very much about you creating the experience that is going to support you the most. I do everything within my power as your guide to support you in making the best decisions for you. The most powerful thing that I do at every one of my events, is to give you full permission to say ‘yes’ to yourself even if that means saying ‘no’ to the exercise or to your partner. With you taking 100% responsibility for your experience in this way, it’s easy to feel great about your weekend experience.

For absolute clarity: I ask only that you stay in the space. You do not have to participate in any exercise that you do not want to.

7. Will I be partnered with strangers?

Although you might not know anyone coming into the weekend, those sharing this event with you will quickly become close friends. In fact, you are likely to bond with these people more than you have connected with anyone ever before. I see this time and time again, at each Awaken Weekend I’ve taught and attended.

So the answer is, yes & no… there are partner exercises (simple & respectful ones) and you will be working with your new friends.

8. Can I arrive late? Can I leave early?

No. This is a sacred container for transformation. Registering means you are committing to be there for the entire weekend, 10am-6pm Sat / 9am-6pm Sun.

This weekend has a very powerful arc that we guide you through. Think of it like getting on a flight, you would not want to step off mid-flight would you?

9. Refunds or Transfers?

No. Embody Tantra does not offer any refunds or transfers on events.

10. What if I have a history of sexual abuse?

Many people who work with me have a history of sexual abuse. This work is a very powerful way to reclaim your pleasure and your power so you can experience a full life. You are not alone, you are safe, you create your experience here (see numbers 5 & 6 above).

11. How is this different from other Tantra classes?

If you have watched my videos or visited embodytantra.com or worked with me you know that I come from an absolute love and devotion of the Tantric path as a path of meditation. While I am very much devoted to you loving your body, becoming fully alive and embracing your authentic sexuality… I am NOT about teaching you techniques simply to enhance your sex-life.

My work is grounded in love & truth. You will be held in a space of safety, love and radical honesty. This is the heart of Tantra as I see it. It is a marriage with the REAL, it is this foundation that creates the space for those on any path to go deeper into their awakening than they have even been before.

Any other questions? Email us at info@embodytantra.com ~ we will happily answer!