• The Awaken Weekend

Let Me Invite You To A Very Special,
Very Rare Transformational Experience

The Awaken Weekend will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

For your relationship to yourself, your relationship to your body, and even to come into direct relationship with life in ways you have not even dared to imagine. In this course we will take the first step in exploring how knowing your body, and awakening your sexual energy or life-force energy is essential to embracing and moving through life in your true power. We will be uniting ancient meditations with comprehensive knowledge of how to integrate these tools into your life.

Throughout the weekend we will work with different elements of active meditations to move you into a place of feeling your body in a completely new way, allowing pleasure to flow through you, experiencing your true power and deeply loving yourself. This is the first step in becoming fully alive, living a life in intimate relationship with all things. It always begins by exploring our relationship with ourselves, our bodies, our human-ness. Our relationship with our self effects our experience of relationship with others.

Safe and Sacred Place Where You Can Finally Break Through Old Patterns.

You will be guided within a very safe space into uncharted territory and introduced to simple, but profound exercises which hold the key to breaking through habitual patterns. These patterns have been holding you back from experiencing the depth of relationship you long for, the abundance that can often seem just out of reach and literally the absolute joy and ecstasy of a life lived fully.

The problem with most programs is that they try to transform these deeply rooted ways that we hold back from ourselves from the outside in… in The Awaken Weekend we move from the inside out & we specifically work with our pelvis and our relationship to sexuality where many of us hold our shame.

Awaken is not about changing who you are or creating more ideals to live up to – it’s about awakening to the PRESENT and allowing yourself to fully feel the great pleasure and freedom of simply being alive. For greater results and impact than you’ve ever imagined… for yourself, your relationships, and the world.

"No words can describe The Awaken Weekend- you have to experience it yourself! During the whole experience you feel completely embraced, accepted and fully supported. It exceeded my expectations. What an incredible sense of community and connection!"
Rachel H.



2 full days of content-rich immersion experiences

This is NOT a lecture course!  The two days are spent by actually doing the 7 Tantric practices which I consider to be the foundation for coming into a new relationship with your body. Practices given to me by my teacher, and given to her by her teacher... shared within this powerful structure which has been supporting modern practitioners for years.

Lunch-time assignments

With your fellow workshop attendees.  These 2-person and 4-person exercises are there to support connecting with the community and moving beyond the tactics we have learned to use throughout our lifetimes, that have kept us feeling isolated and like "outsiders."

Sensual and fun home-play for Saturday night

When you leave the workshop after the first day, you're invited to expand on your experience of pleasure, within the privacy of your home.  This is one of the best ways to begin to integrate what you are learning right away!

Small Group Sharing

You will be assigned to a small group with a few other participants to support you throughout the weekend. Each day you'll have breakout sessions where you'll share with one another after going through some tantra practices. The small group connection helps you experience deeper integration and relationships.

May 23rd/24th, 2020
Los Angeles

Limited Space! $1200 per person
Early Bird Rate: $697

*Payment plan available!

*We have moved our March weekend to the new dates of May 23+24*


"The night after the weekend we had the most amazing love making I have ever experienced. My orgasm just kept going and going for about an hour non stop and I felt like i was having an out of body experience. WOW I never felt that before!"


The Experience

This workshop is open to both couples and singles and is designed to:

    • Discover how your sexuality is your greatest tool for spiritual growth
    • Awaken new possibilities in how you relate to your own body, how you relate to your lover and how you relate to your life
    • Free blocks in your body that are keeping you from experiencing pleasure
  • Unleash a natural and integrated sexual awakening

** ALL exercises are fully clothed with no sexual contact. **

Again: This is a totally sacred and safe experience.

May 23 + 24, 2020
Los Angeles

Limited Space! $1200 per person
Early Bird Rate: $697

*Payment plan available

*We have moved the March weekend to the new dates of May 23/24*


"I didn’t know how much I needed this. I had no idea that by being this exposed and sharing this much of myself was the way into feeling safe. I am so inspired to continue to learn more on this path, to give more of myself to others, and to love more freely without holding back."
Rachel S.



Charu is the founder of Embody Tantra. She has dedicated her life to supporting individuals and couples in awakening to their bodies and living in Truth and Love. Charu is known for her down-to-earth approach – making it safe and easy to explore sex and spirit.

Charu Morgan

"I flew half way across the country to attend one of Charu's Awaken Weekends with my partner. Overall I experienced a range of emotions but as time passes by I continually see how that 1 weekend played a BIG role in my own personal transformational journey. Expect to be stretched beyond your comfort zone, in the most wonderful way."
Sarah Nicotra {intuitive pathfinder}



Preparation Audio

One week prior to the event, you will receive an audio via email to support you in having everything you need mentally, emotionally and spiritually throughout the weekend.

Follow Up Call

After the event we will host a group follow up call to support your integration of what you have learned. This call includes a simple daily practice and a detailed map to help you create your own home practice.

Private Facebook group

For everyone who is attending the Awaken Weekend.  This is your chance to meet before the event, plus share experiences and stay connected afterward.  This is also a place to meet others who have attended this event in the past and become a part of our growing family.

Yummy gift!

After doing this event so many times, I've learned there is one thing everyone always wants when we complete our weekend together.. be prepared to enjoy this *special surprise* as my gift to you at the end of the weekend.

Join us!

This event is more intimate and rich than ever before.
With a limit of only 20 participants (as opposed to previous events that had between 40-50),
Charu herself will be teaching the event!

Our hope is that this will create an even richer experience for participants
allowing for more 1-on-1 guidance directly from Charu.

Until now, this direct guidance has only been available in Charu’s advanced programs
or with private clients.

Limited Space!

*All sales are final. Please consider your purchase carefully as there are no refunds or transfers.


$1200 per person 

No partner necessary!

May 23rd + 24th, 2020



or 3 payments of $260

*All sales are final. Please consider your purchase carefully as there are no refunds or transfers.


Welcome to The Community

We would love to share this with you – we can’t wait to see you there.